Lean Enterprise Course

Our Akron Area APICS Chapter is pleased to offer the APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series, a seven-module course designed to meet the demand for expert knowledge in the marketplace. This four day long course is being offered on both Fridays and Saturdays.  The Friday course meets on four non-consecutive Fridays (class dates chosen to avoid scheduling conflicts for registered students).  The Saturday course meets on four non-consecutive Saturdays (class dates chosen to avoid scheduling conflicts for registered students). 

Classes meet from 9am - 4:00pm and will be at the Akron General Health & Wellness Center (4125 Medina Rd., Akron, OH  44333), which is located at the intersection of Route 77, Route 18 and Route 21 (Fairlawn/Montrose exit, which is about 15 minutes south of the Rte. 77 intersection with Rte.480).  


1. Introduction
  • Educate Organization
  • Assess Readiness
  • Define Product Families
2. Lean Culture
  • Plan for Change
  • Create Teams
  • Select Pilot Product Family
3. Mapping
  • Map Current-State Value Stream
  • Map Future-State Value Stream
  • Plan Implementation
4. Stability
  • Stabilize Demand & Processes
  • Improve Processes
5. Just-in-Time
  • Calculate Customer Demand
  • Standardize Work
  • Create Flow
  • Implement Pull
  • Develop Schedules
6. Measuring
  • Define Metrics
  • Deploy Lean Accounting
7. Sustaining
  • Design for Lean
  • Continuously Improve Quality
  • Sustain Lean

Benefits of Lean Course

• Complete a self-assessment to
   determine your organization’s
   readiness to implement lean
• Gain practical experience analyzing
   how to incorporate lean into
• Obtain broad knowledge of lean
   enterprise concepts and methods
• Prepare a practical project plan
   for implementing lean into your

• Earn a Lean Certificate of Completion from APICS


Cost & Registration

If you would like to have the course registration materials sent you to, please email Education@AkronAPICS.org , and note whether you prefer Friday or Saturday classes.  

Additional Information

Both public and customized inhouse classes are available. 

This course's instructor is a recognized Lean Enterprise Master Instructor and has over 30 years of Lean consulting experience.

For more information about the Lean Enterprise Workshop Series, please

email Education@AkronAPICS.org

or call 330-668-6084.