Unemployed Member Benefits

For members of Akron APICS that are currently unemployed and experiencing suspension of APICS benefits, APICS is offering that you can extend your membership during unemployment for a period of six months.  You will need to get the signature of the president on the form and need to prove your unemployed status.  This would also apply to all members who have had their benefits due within the past 60 days. To get more details, click here:


Once the form is completed, please submit it along with any verification of current unemployment to:

Akron APICS Chapter, 4245 Holly Circle, Akron, OH 44321


Special Class Offerings for Unemployed Akron Members

Starting in the Fall of 2009, we began offering the Basics of Supply Chain Management class for a significantly reduced cost to current Akron APICS Members who can verify their unemployment. 


Looking for Networking Opportunities?

Join the new group of Akron APICS members on LinkedIn.  Our group can be accessed at http://www.linkedin.com/e/vgh/1810937/ .  For those who are not aware of LinkedIn and what it can do, it is a networking site that is meant for business professionals to reconnect with old contacts and find new ones with similar interests.